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Summer Spotlight


Summer Spotlight: Savannah Knudsen

"Chick-fil-A is full of talented, inspirational individuals, and each of them have taken time to get to know me."

Our fabulous sister Savannah was selected for a coveted internship with the place we all know and love. Read on to hear what she has to say about her amazing experience!

What is your name + where are you from?- Savannah Knudsen from Lilburn, Georgia

Major?- Marketing

What's your summer job/internship?- Chick-Fil-A Marketing Internship



Summer Spotlight: Shelby Starratt

"Alpha Chi is my home away from home and these girls are my best friends and family."

Alpha Chis are always looking for ways to "seek the heights" year round, and many times their incredible feats go unnoticed. This summer, we want to highlight some of the incredible accomplishments of our sisters on the blog-

Meet our sister, Shelby Starratt. This shining star is the co-director of Camp Kesem at UGA, an organization that puts on a free summer camp for the children of cancer patients.