This month, we are focusing the spotlight on our fabulous sister, Laura Pontari. Laura hails from Pennsylvania, spent her summer in Spain, and now frequently spends the day at the Georgia State Capital in Atlanta (it's casual). She has been doing amazing work for Spencer Frye, an elected member of the Georgia House of Representatives. Read on to learn more about Laura's experience!

What is your major and what kind of career are you hoping for?

I am currently majoring in Spanish, Political Science, and Economics, and am pursuing a dual degree with a Masters in Public Administration. I love to learn and hope to stay in school as long as possible, so I will hopefully attend law school after graduation. After graduating law school, I hope to work in the public sector, and eventually pursue a career in politics

What do you love about AXO?

I love that AXO encourages us to be successful. Our national motto is "Real. Strong. Women.," and I believe that this is something AXO actively encourages. AXOs are campus leaders, and I am lucky to be a part of a group of such intelligent, driven, young women.

Tell us about your internship!

I am a legislative research intern with Representative Spencer Frye, who represents the wonderful city of Athens. As an intern I am working as a legislative aide and am traveling to the capital with Representative Frye and his chief of staff once a week. During my time at the capital I research and write memo on bills that will be heard in Representative Frye's committees, and provide supplemental research for on-going projects. 

What's the cooler thing you've done so far?

As interns we are required to write memo on bills that Representative Frye will be voting on, and last week I got to watch one of the bills I had written a memo on pass during committee. It was so cool to watch it in real time and hear the discussion concerning the bill and to watch the voting process as it passed.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your internship?

Learning firsthand from Representative Frye. He has been so patient with the intern team, and answers any questions I have, big or small. The personal connection I've gotten to make with him and Lauren, the chief of staff, has made the internship very rewarding.