Major- Public Relations

Year in School- Sophomore (MC 13)

Tell us about your favorite place to eat in Athens. Wow this is a hard question! If I had to pick one, my favorite place to eat in Athens is Trapeze. I dream about those sweet potato fries.

Favorite show to watch in the informal- The Thursday night binge-watching of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder, with my little cup of Chex Mix.

What is your favorite memory in being a part of Alpha Chi Omega? My favorite memory in being a part of Alpha Chi Omega is the daily laughs I have with all of my sisters. No matter if I am having the best day of my life or the worst, my friends in Alpha Chi Omega never fail to make me laugh until my stomach hurts. They are the most kind-hearted and utterly amazing people I have ever had the pleasure to call my friends.

Describe your involvement and experience with ugaMiracle. ugaMiracle, besides Alpha Chi Omega, is the best organization I have the honor of being very involved. This past year within ugaMiracle, I was the Family Relations Wall of Hope Committee Lead. The title aside, I was in charge of designing and organizing a huge display at our main event Dance Marathon that highlights all of our amazing Miracle Children. With the help of my other Committee Lead and my subcommittee, we were able to create an interactive and beautiful wall that attracted not only people in ugaMiracle who wanted to learn more about the children’s stories, but also the children.  It made my heart so happy when I saw little children running up the wall and seeing their picture and story. Through my position, I was fortunate to get to know a lot of the children and their families than I did before. I cannot put into words how much ugaMiracle means to me.  Knowing that I can have a small part in raising money to help children at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and being able to love on our Miracle Families makes my heart whole.

What has your experience been like so far as Alpha Chi's panhellenic delegate? As Alpha Chi’s panhellenic delegate, I act as the liaison between Alpha Chi and the Panhellenic Council. I attend weekly meetings in which I hear all of the upcoming events and information in the Panhellenic world. At the beginning of my term, UGA opened up our campus to extension and staking and ultimately adding two new sororities to our campus within the next few years. Because they were originally on our campus and had to leave, Delta Phi Epsilon was the first sorority to be offered to come back to our campus in the Fall of 2015. With the staking process, interested sororities had to submit an application first, and once the Panhellenic Council narrowed it down to two choices, the sororities had to give a presentation. Alpha Phi and Alpha Xi Delta were the two sororities to give presentations to our Panhellenic sororities. At the end of the presentations, each UGA sorority was allowed one chapter vote on which sorority they wanted to be offered to colonize on UGA’s campus in Fall of 2017. After Alpha Chi made a chapter vote and we talked as an Executive Board, I was responsible for bringing our vote to the Panhellenic Council. In the end, Alpha Phi was extended an invitation to come to UGA in 2017. Overall, extension and staking was a very eye-opening process that I enjoyed. Now, Panhellenic continues as normal, with weekly meetings and updates about Greek Life. I love being able to represent Alpha Chi Omega as the Panhellenic Delegate.  

What have you learned most about yourself in Alpha Chi Omega? Alpha Chi Omega taught me that being myself is the best person I can be. I have learned to have confidence in who I am and let my strengths thrive. My sisters are my biggest fans and supporters through everything in my life and inspire me everyday.