Axo sister spotlight feb- Lainey.jpg

Alpha Chi Omega Sister spotlight for this month goes to Lainey Saunders! She has been doing some impressive things lately, like getting accepted to the nursing program of her dreams. This picture shows her in Grease in the Skit Round of Rush this past year, where she blew us all away as the beloved Sandra Dee. Below is a short Bio and Q and A session which exemplifies exactly why we chose Lainey for this month's sister spotlight.

Major: psychology

Year in School: sophomore (MC 12)

Organization on campus you are most involved in: Camp Kesem, a free summer camp for kids whose parents are affected by cancer.

Favorite house meal: sweet and sour Chicken

Favorite Disney princess: Belle

Favorite TV show: 30 Rock

Best part of being an AXO: Frienships I have made and the connections I have made to Camp Kesem

Best part of being a student at UGA: Georgia Football


Q: So Lainey, you were chosen for sister spotlight this month for your amazing accomplishment of getting accepted into the GRU Athens Campus nursing program. Can you give us a little background on the program and what big things you will be doing?

A: It’s a satellite program of the school in Augusta. I’ll be doing clinicals in local hospitals working on a floor with nurses learning all the ins and outs of that floor. I am so excited!

Q: So how was the application process? Were you nervous at all?

A: I was very nervous. It’s an extremely competitive process to get the Athens campus considering there are only 40 spots. You really have to give them a reason to keep you here.

Q: What are you most looking forward to in nursing school?

A: The clinicals, especially getting to do them at children’s healthcare of Atlanta. I love kids!

Q: Any idea of what field you want to go into after school?

A: As of right now, I think I would like to specialize in pediatrics. Like I said I love working with kids and would love to work at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta someday because I think they do great work.