This month's sister spotlight features Alexa Crow who was just named the PR Executive Chair for UGA Miracle! AXO raised $12,980.75 for Miracle this past year and we are too excited to have one of our very own lead one of the biggest organizations on campus next year!

Read below to find out more about Alexa and her involvement with Miracle:

Major- Public Relations

Year in School- Sophomore (MC 12)

Favorite place to eat in Athens- 5 Bar

Favorite show to watch in the informal- Law & Order SVU

Favorite thing to do in the house on a rainy day- Watch a movie with the girls or catch up on sleep!    

Best part about AXO- Definitely the friendships, as well as getting so many opportunities to be involved from the older girls

When did you start getting involved with Miracle?- My freshman year

How would you explain UGA Miracle to someone that has never heard of it?- It's a campus organization that benefits Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, and it's a forum for fun, opportunity, inspiration and being involved in something greater than yourself

What is your favorite part about being involved with Miracle?- Seeing how passionate others are about their organization and simply knowing that everything we do it For The Kids!

What are you most looking forward to next year as the PR Executive Chair for Miracle?- Coming up with different campaigns to keep people engaged and working with the amazing people that will be on my committee!