Today's Spotlight Sister features our wonderful sister, Emily Maggs! Emily is the Executive Director of Relay for Life for the 2016-2017 school year. Relay for Life is an amazing organization and we are so proud of Emily for all of her hard work. We can't wait to see all she does with Relay this school year!!

Year in school: Senior

Major: Consumer Journalism

Current Netflix show: Peaky Blinders (a British show) *fun fact: Emily is British!!

Favorite Athens restaurant: White Tiger! -Their food is melt in your mouth

What dos the Executive Director of Relay do? I oversee all of the different aspects of the organization, making sure everything is getting done smoothly. I help in the planning process of all the different things we do and assisting the other Board Members in their different roles. I am also the point of contact for UGA, the American Cancer Society and other collegiate Relay's.

Why do you Relay? I relay so that our children won't have to and because I've watched this disease tear apart too many lives.

What are you most excited about this year? I'm most excited to work with the new Executive Board and to get all of our new committees and teams. Relay is a family and I can't wait to see what this year's family is going to look like. Oh! and I can't wait to kick cancer's butt!!

Advice from Emily: My favorite thing about Relay is that I have finally found my "thing", that something that I am passionate about. I think that is the best advice I can give anyone in college- find your "thing" and give it your all, it's so much fun!