Sister Spotlight: Hailey Gatins

As summer break comes to an end, we're all trying to squeeze in every last bit of summer we can! Hailey Gatin's knows all about summer fun, especially when she's at Camp Kesem. Checkout what Camp Kesem is all about!

What is your major and year in school? I am a health promotions major (Pre PA), with a Spanish minor. Fun fact - I studied abroad in Cadiz, Spain all summer!

What is your favorite Athens restaurant? Hands down, Taqueria del Sol is the best place in Athens!

What is your favorite thing about Alpha Chi? There's true love, genuine friendship, and unmistakable joy that radiates from 1064 South Lumpkin Street. Alpha Chi is a place where every girl is not only accepted as her own, but is praised and celebrated for every unique quality. It's in great confidence, that when I say the friends I made in Alpha Chi Omega are forever kind of friends.

What organization are you involved in and what position do you hold? I am the development Coordinator for Camp Kesem! Camp Kesem is a free summer camp for kids, ages 6-16, affected by a parent's cancer.

What does your position do? As Development Coordinator, I work to create a fundraising plan for our chapter, as well as organize on and off campus events. I'm responsible for making connections with our donors, and collaborating with our counselors to ensure they are on track with their fundraising to ensure that no child ever has to pay for camp.

Why did you chose Camp Kesem? After hearing about Camp Kesem from an older Alpha Chi, I could tell this organization was something incredibly special. I knew that with Camp Kesem I could have the opportunity to really give back to some of the most deserving kids. Camp Kesem gives me the opportunity to be silly and be a kid for a week, all while hearing the inspiring and courageous stories of the amazing kids. From the very beginning, these kids have changed my life more than I ever could have imagined.

What is your favorite thing about Camp Kesem? Camp Kesem has shown me what true joy looks like. My campers have continuously shown me that joy is a choice made every single day. To some people, cancer proves to be a thief of joy, but not to these kids. The kids have shown me that nothing, no one, not even cancer, can steal the choice of joy. I am constantly humbled and inspired by these kids, and because of my campers, I strive to be the person I am at camp every single day.


Sister Spotlight: Georgia Turner


Sister Spotlight: Georgia Turner

Alpha Chi is full of amazing women and strong leaders. We really pride ourselves in the number of women who hold leadership positions in numerous organizations on campus. Today's featured sister in Georgia Turner! Georgia had dedicated so much of her time and effort to Miracle. Get to know Georgia and see why she loves Miracle below!

What is your major and year in school? I am a 4th year Psychology major with an English minor. I plan to go to Law School

What is your favorite restaurant in Athens? I love Trappeze!

What is your favorite movie? Clueless! But basically any 90s movie

What is your position in Miracle? I am a Hospital Relations Co-Chair

What do you do as Hospital Relations Co-Chair? I get the privileged of going to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta almost every week to interact with hospital staff, patients and patients families. When we go, we like to just have fun with the kids and take their mind off of treatment and celebrate the hospital staff for working so hard and with such joy for the kids!

Why did you chose to get involved with Miracle? At the first UGA Miracle event I went to, one of our Miracle children spoke about his story at CHOA and how the hospital helped him overcome huge health barriers to get him walking and playing sports again. The support and enthusiasm from the UGA Miracle students was incredible - you could tell they really loved on these families and hospital so well and were so passionate about this organization. I was hooked during my first month of college and am so grateful UGA has given me such an incredible organization to be part of all four years of college.

What are you most excited for this year with Miracle? I am so excited to start hospital visits! It's so rewarding to see what all of the money we work so hard to raise goes towards. Also, I'm excited to see my committee interact with the children and love on them and their families - it's going to be amazing!



Sister Spotlight: Emily Maggs

Today's Spotlight Sister features our wonderful sister, Emily Maggs! Emily is the Executive Director of Relay for Life for the 2016-2017 school year. Relay for Life is an amazing organization and we are so proud of Emily for all of her hard work. We can't wait to see all she does with Relay this school year!!

Year in school: Senior

Major: Consumer Journalism

Current Netflix show: Peaky Blinders (a British show) *fun fact: Emily is British!!

Favorite Athens restaurant: White Tiger! -Their food is melt in your mouth

What dos the Executive Director of Relay do? I oversee all of the different aspects of the organization, making sure everything is getting done smoothly. I help in the planning process of all the different things we do and assisting the other Board Members in their different roles. I am also the point of contact for UGA, the American Cancer Society and other collegiate Relay's.

Why do you Relay? I relay so that our children won't have to and because I've watched this disease tear apart too many lives.

What are you most excited about this year? I'm most excited to work with the new Executive Board and to get all of our new committees and teams. Relay is a family and I can't wait to see what this year's family is going to look like. Oh! and I can't wait to kick cancer's butt!!

Advice from Emily: My favorite thing about Relay is that I have finally found my "thing", that something that I am passionate about. I think that is the best advice I can give anyone in college- find your "thing" and give it your all, it's so much fun!



April 2014 Sister Spotlight: Alexa Crow


This month's sister spotlight features Alexa Crow who was just named the PR Executive Chair for UGA Miracle! AXO raised $12,980.75 for Miracle this past year and we are too excited to have one of our very own lead one of the biggest organizations on campus next year!

Read below to find out more about Alexa and her involvement with Miracle:

Major- Public Relations

Year in School- Sophomore (MC 12)

Favorite place to eat in Athens- 5 Bar

Favorite show to watch in the informal- Law & Order SVU

Favorite thing to do in the house on a rainy day- Watch a movie with the girls or catch up on sleep!    

Best part about AXO- Definitely the friendships, as well as getting so many opportunities to be involved from the older girls

When did you start getting involved with Miracle?- My freshman year

How would you explain UGA Miracle to someone that has never heard of it?- It's a campus organization that benefits Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, and it's a forum for fun, opportunity, inspiration and being involved in something greater than yourself

What is your favorite part about being involved with Miracle?- Seeing how passionate others are about their organization and simply knowing that everything we do it For The Kids!

What are you most looking forward to next year as the PR Executive Chair for Miracle?- Coming up with different campaigns to keep people engaged and working with the amazing people that will be on my committee!



February 2014 Sister Spotlight: Lainey Saunders

Axo sister spotlight feb- Lainey.jpg

Alpha Chi Omega Sister spotlight for this month goes to Lainey Saunders! She has been doing some impressive things lately, like getting accepted to the nursing program of her dreams. This picture shows her in Grease in the Skit Round of Rush this past year, where she blew us all away as the beloved Sandra Dee. Below is a short Bio and Q and A session which exemplifies exactly why we chose Lainey for this month's sister spotlight.

Major: psychology

Year in School: sophomore (MC 12)

Organization on campus you are most involved in: Camp Kesem, a free summer camp for kids whose parents are affected by cancer.

Favorite house meal: sweet and sour Chicken

Favorite Disney princess: Belle

Favorite TV show: 30 Rock

Best part of being an AXO: Frienships I have made and the connections I have made to Camp Kesem

Best part of being a student at UGA: Georgia Football


Q: So Lainey, you were chosen for sister spotlight this month for your amazing accomplishment of getting accepted into the GRU Athens Campus nursing program. Can you give us a little background on the program and what big things you will be doing?

A: It’s a satellite program of the school in Augusta. I’ll be doing clinicals in local hospitals working on a floor with nurses learning all the ins and outs of that floor. I am so excited!

Q: So how was the application process? Were you nervous at all?

A: I was very nervous. It’s an extremely competitive process to get the Athens campus considering there are only 40 spots. You really have to give them a reason to keep you here.

Q: What are you most looking forward to in nursing school?

A: The clinicals, especially getting to do them at children’s healthcare of Atlanta. I love kids!

Q: Any idea of what field you want to go into after school?

A: As of right now, I think I would like to specialize in pediatrics. Like I said I love working with kids and would love to work at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta someday because I think they do great work.